What You Need to know about stroke


On January 15, 2019 the Wheaton Lions Club Speaker was Ryan Keiler, the Stroke Education Coordinator at Northwestern Medicine’s CDH & Delnor Hospitals. Ryan is a registered nurse with 7 yers of critical care experience Caring for stroke patients in the Neuro ICU at CDH in Winfield and he has supported that team as a member of the Professional Development Department.

Ryan's excellent presentation included a slide show titled, "What You Need to Know About Stroke."

Some of the critical things Ryan brought up included:
• 795,000 Americans suffer strokes each year
• Strokes are the #5 cause of death in America
• A stroke is a brain attack

Stroke causes include:

• high blood pressure
• smoking
• Diabetes
• artery disease
• high cholesteol
• stress, obesity and
• poor physical exercise

Ryan can be reached at Ryan.keiler@nm.org. His cell phone is 630-212-3022.



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