The Wheaton Lions Club is an organization that thrives on the active involvement and participation of its members. Members have various financial and other responsibilities. This policy outlines the Club’s expectation of members.

DUES: Club dues are currently $135 and reflect payments for club operations, lunch and dues to Lions International and Lions District 1-J dues. Dues are assessed quarterly in advance until a member formally resigns by letter or email to the secretary or president. At that time, a final billing will be rendered. Your financial responsibilities remain after resignation until paid in full.

PARTICIPATION: All members are expected to make our luncheons an important part of their weekly scheduling, to physically participate in at least two of our major fundraising events during the year (Candy day, Reindeer Run, or Golf Outing), and to become an active member of at least one of our committees.

CANDY DAYS: Candy Day is a major Wheaton Lions Charities fund raiser and Lions International event. Donation are collected at various location throughout Wheaton is a physical requirement of all members. On Candy Day, members are expected to spend two hours collecting donations at assigned locations or helping in collection organizational activities. Those not participating will be assessed a personal donation equal to the then current expected average member collection, currently $125, which will be added to their next quarterly billing.

LUNCH CLEAN UP: Although all members are encouraged to help bring food to the table and help clear the dishes, new members will be expected to help each time they attend for the first 6 months of membership.

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Wheaton Lions Club Events

November 29, 2019
Dickens Parade
Downtown Wheaton
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December 7, 2019
8th Annual Reindeer Run
Downtown Wheaton
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December 10, 2019
Holiday Lunch
Arrowhead Golf Club

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Lions Terrace Update
Coming to Memorial Park
Summer 2020

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