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Reindeer run

December 3, 2022 - In-Person Run
(December 3-17, 2022 - Virtual Run)


The Wheaton Lions Club held its 11th annual Reindeer Run on Saturday, December 3 with 938 in-person runners while 26 runners continue running in the virtual run.

We were blessed with a wonderful group of sponsors and a great deal of support and work from the Wheaton Park District.
The Lions Club splits the costs and the profits with the Wheaton Park District. All of the money the Lions Club earns is given away people with sight and hearing disabilities and groups that help them along with people with diabetes and groups needing help with food for people.

Category Male Runners Time
Overall Winner Nathan Virginelli 16:46
Age 9 and under Cooper Whiting 23:46
Age 10-19 Steven Austin 18:03
Age 20-29 Thomas Rotondi 19:53
Age 30-39 Nate Kennedy 17:34
Age 40-49 Chris Wolf 17:24
Age 50-59 Karl Mark 20:45
Age 60-69 Mike Ruggio 20:32
Age 70+ Bernard McGourty 24:12

Category Female Runners Time
Overall Winner Emily Offutt 19:40
Age 9 and under Morgan Dawson 25:40
Age 10-19 Kira Mothershed 21:55
Age 20-29 Dylan Bean 23:45
Age 30-39 Jessica Wolhoy 21:51
Age 40-49 Jessice Rangel 21:13
Age 50-59 Darci Van Peenen 25:05
Age 60-69 Angie Dudman 22:54
Age 70+ Isola Metz 31:14

Thanks to all of the runners, the over 60 volunteers and all our sponsors for making this years run a success.

Here are several pictures from this years Reindeer Run



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You Should Know

The Wheaton Lions Club held its 11th annual Reindeer Run on Saturday, December 3