9th Annual, Wheaton Lions Club (Virtual) Reindeer Run—SIGN UP HERE!



President John Vires 630-668-6348
Vice President Joel Riley 630-730-1421
Secretary Betsy Adamowski 630-868-7591
Treasurer John Dalby 630-666-6352
Past President Marty Keller 630-370-1731
Speakers & Programs Dan Milinko 630-730-5409
Membership Ron Diener 630-260-1867
Marketing & Publicity R. C. Crompton 630-215-8724
Sight & Hearing James Jakubiec 630-665-1967
Lion Tamer Chris Neigel 630-814-9081

Board of Directors

One Year Directors Dick Olsen
John Monino
Two Year Directors Bruno Tabis
Chris Neigel
Three Year Directors Sharon Sifnotis
Ruth Carlson


Sight & Hearing Director James Jakubiec 630-665-1967
Membership Director Ron Diener 630-260-1867
Program Director Dan Milinko 630-730-5409
Vision Screening Team Open  
Benevolence Director John Vires 630-668-6348
Scholarship Director Keith Carlson 630-337-2867
Candy Day Director Open  
Reindeer Run Director Joel Riley 630-730-1421
Golf Outing Directors Mimi Bajagich 630-690-7115
4th of July Parade Director Sarah Starke 630-682-0107
Outreach Social Activities Open  
Christmas Luncheon Team Keith Carlson
Michael Gresk
Dickens Parade Director Sarah Starke 630-995-1328
Marketing Director R. C. Crompton 630-215-8724
Diabetes Director Ron Birchall 630-665-0112
FaceBook Director Sarah Starke 630-995-1328
Lions's Foundation Director Marty Keller 630-370-1731
Hunger Director Ruth Carlson
Dick Olsen
Environmental Director John Monino 630-417-2300
Pediatric Cancer Director Open
FaceBook Coordinator Sarah Starke 630-995-1328
Den Master Chris Neigel 630-814-9081
Tail Twister David Olson 815-739-8409

Eye Glass Collector

Rod Ivey 630-297-1595
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You Should Know

Wheaton Lions Club Events

September 9, 2022
Wheaton Lions Club Night #2
Concert in the Park series
Lions Terrace, Memorial Park

September 19 - October 4
Wheaton Lions Hunger Food Drive
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You Should Know

The club was busy in June with the Charity Grant Recipients and Scholarship Presentations and the Slam Dunk for Diabetes basketball camp.