Guest Luncheon Speakers

September 13, 2016

Wheaton Lion Tony Payne was our host and speaker at our luncheon at Wheaton College. Tony, a graduate of Wheaton College, is the General Manager of the college’s Artist Series. 2017 will mark the 67th year of the Artist Series.

Tony has worked for the college since 1983. After an excellent lunch Tony introduced the upcoming musical act The 5 Browns who will perform on September 30th at the college. This is a family of 5 people who all play piano. There will be 5 Steinway Grand pianos on stage. We saw an great video of them performing. Tony said that the Artist Series offers: Great Artists - Great Value and is Close to Home. He then asked us all to fill out a postcard he gave us with answers to 3 questions. What have we paid for and attended in the last year? What would we spend money on in the future? What keeps us from buying tickets for events? The cards were collected and Tony will study them to see what
improvements can be made to the Artist Series program.

September 20, 2016

Our luncheon speaker was Pete Leonard. He is the founder of “Second Chance Coffee Company” which is now known as “I Have a Bean”.

Pete started the company in 2007. His brother in-law had been in prison and was having a terrible time trying to get a job even though he was a computer whiz and had a 140 I.Q. Pete decided to hire men and women who had been to prison and wanted to start a new life doing the right

He has employed almost 40 men and women who have records in their “former life” and only 2 of them have returned to prison. Pete is very proud of the work his employees do and they are grateful for the opportunity to have a good life.

I Have a Bean coffee is an extremely fine coffee and is available as whole bean, K Cup or ground. It can be ordered from their website which is or picked up at their roasting shop located at 655 Childs St, Wheaton, IL. They roast and ship the coffee the same day that it’s ordered.

Pete’s latest move is managing the Cafe on the Park at Wheaton Library which has become very successful.

September 27, 2016

Our Sept. 27th luncheon was held at Cantigny Park. Lion Bob Rutan introduced his grand daughter Ellie Rutan as our speaker. Ellie, who is 16, has spent a great deal of time
over the last 2 years speaking with many World War II American Soldiers, Sailors and Marines who survived the war. As she got more involved with this history, she took the time to start the St. Charles Young Marines Group which is a country wide group that teaches caricature, discipline and duty. Dressed in her Young Marines uniform
she explained her program which she has named the Legacy of our Fathers Project. She has documented the stories and experiences of U.S. Veterans who fought in WW II. She shared one of the video camera films she shot of Cpl. Dick Vana who was a Marine Raider. She became very close to him over 2 years and he was a very
willing participant in explaining his role in the war. He fought battles in Emrau, Guam, Peleliu and Okinawa. She and her dad last visited him this year on the day before he died.

You can view this film on-line. Ellie is hoping to have the Videos, DVD’s and written material done over the next few months and the material will be available for purchase so that we and future generations can learn more about these heroes and the war they fought. Ellie did a great job and looks forward to hearing from us in the future. When asked how she funded the project she said that she was given a grant and has received several small donations through the website

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