Guest Luncheon Speakers

October 3, 2017

Wheaton Lion Ron Birchall introduced our speaker John Benton, a Certified Business Mentor of The Score Association. John is with the Fox Valley Score group which is one of 364 chapters around the country.

The Score Association is a non-profit association founded in 1964 and it helps small businesses both get started and also helps them grow by using its many Mentors, all who have very wide areas of business experience.

After John retired he became a Mentor with Score. He has served 300 companies in the 5 years he has been with Score helping companies get off the ground, achieve their goals and grow into healthy firms. His group covers Wheaton & Glen Ellyn. They have 10,000 mentors around the country. 58% of their customers are women, 35% are minorities and 11% are veterans.

To help educate business owners Fox Valley Score has held 163 open workshops this year with 2,832 people attending them. They teach business owners how to make and use videos, small business growth skills, the importance of business Facebook use, preparing paperwork to get a small business loan, etc.

This year Fox Valley Score has served 1,221 clients with 2,518 mentoring sessions and 2,833 workshop sessions.

For more information click on to To reach Ron, call 630-835-6700.

October 10, 2017

Wheaton Lion Russ Adkins introduced our speaker Dan Bindert, the Station Manager for Chicago’s Home for Jazz! WDCB. Their radio station number is 90.0 FM and we can stream their music using

This great radio station started in 1977 and has remained at the College of DuPage ever since. Dan has been with the station for 4 years and he took us through the music played on the station which is mostly Jazz (135 hours a week). Also aired are shows that play Country, Blues, Irish, Folk music, etc. The station also has special shows like “Those Were The Days” on Saturday afternoons.

Something that really helps the station is that several of the Disc Jockeys are also trained Jazz musicians and still play gigs. They give some great background information on the music played and keep us in touch on upcoming music events in the area.

The station receives donations from 35 U.S. States and 9 foreign countries. 85% of their costs are covered by donations. Some is from the government and some from the College of DuPage.

For more information about the station and to listen to music on-line, visit You can also donate to them on this site.

October 17, 2017

Wheaton Lion Steve Lederman introduced our speaker Daniel Hochstatter from Daniel D Video company.

Daniel studied Acting, Music and Video work in college and decided to become a videographer. He mentioned that web sites are 80% more interesting if they include videos and more and more sites show them.

Daniel said that videos are similar to music in that they can instantly change their movement, sound and sight which keeps people interested and holds their attention. Videos connect with our emotions.

He showed some excellent videos he has created including a whole “new look” to the movie Elf which became scary. He also showed the city of Lyons’ 4th of July Parade to expand interest in the event. Of special interest were pictures taken from a drone looking down on the fireworks. Lastly he showed a video of a wedding taken on a rainy day. You wouldn’t know it was raining the way he edited it. When asked, he did say that weddings take about 1/2 of his time.

For more information visit or email hme at His phone number is 847-754-0042.

October 24, 2017

Wheaton Lion Ron Diener introduced our speaker Janelle Barcelona, Vice President - Development for DuPage Pads.
DuPage Pads is located at 601 W. Liberty St., Wheaton, IL 60187.

PADS helps homeless people and people with all sorts of needs who live in DuPage County. They hold 5 major fundraising events during the year and Janelle said that about 1/2 of their expenses are covered by donations and the balance by various government departments. DuPage Pads has 4,000 volunteers helping them.

This year they have served 205 people with overnight shelter, food and various support information including job searches, training and they have also found housing for some of the people.
They found jobs for 125 people and 383 people received housing.
The length of staying with PADS overnight help has gone from 57 days to 45 days which is progress. 115 companies have employer relationships with PADS.

Their “Housing Now” program provides rent assistance and on-going case management. “Family Outreach” helps families residing in unstable lodging and “Street Outreach” offers help for people who call in to report a homeless person or family that seems to need assistance. “Medical Respite” offers short term housing for people who need a place to recuperate from surgery or other medical problems.

Donations have included money, mattresses, blankets, sheets and meals. Approximately 30 churches in DuPage serve as sleep over locations. Hospitals help with linen cleaning.

To learn more, visit

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