Guest Luncheon Speakers

November 1, 2016

Wheaton Lion Tim Whelan introduced our speaker Scott J. Kolbaba, MD, doctor of internal medicine who spoke to us about his background leading up to a medical degree and more recently a book he just had published titled: Physicians’ Untold Stories.

After graduating from Cornell University, Scott went to Roosevelt University for organic chemistry. He then got his doctors degree from the University of Illinois College of Medicine. He completed his residency at the Mayo Clinic. He has been practicing medicine in Wheaton for 25 years.

A fellow doctor named Dave asked him if he would like to hear an unusual story concerning a patient and he said yes. The doctor described the patient as a middle age woman who was unconscious and died on the operating table from a heart attack. The doctors had not been able to get any information from her and her eyes never opened. A surgeon with red hair began CPR on her to no avail and then Dave stepped in also did CPR. She did recover. Dave stopped in to see her in recovery and she thanked him for saving her life. She explained that she saw him push the doctor with red hair away from her and that his CPR saved her. To say the least he was in a bit of shock hearing her say this knowing her eyes never opened.

Stories like this got Dr. Kolbaba going on writing a book about untold fascinating stories that doctors have. He interviewed 100’s of doctors and wrote stories about things that happened to 26 doctors. Most of the physicians are connected with Central DuPage Hospital.

Dr. Kolbaba said that the one thing almost all of the doctors had in common is their love for family and how important that is to the work they do.

If you have questions, Scott’s email is To learn more about his book log onto
The book is available on Amazon and various other book stores and web sites.

November 8, 2016

Wheaton Lion Steve Maney introduced our speaker Joyce Mahoney-Braner, the Regional Director of Memory Care & Programming for Belmont Village locations.

Joyce told us about their Whole Brain Fitness Program. This program has been given awards for their unique program which has been proven to work and the medical community has recognized it as a program that truly works in slowing down the growth of Dementia in senior citizens.

The program is open to residents who have mild to low-moderate Dementia and the purpose of the program is to help these folks slow down the rapid growth of
Dementia. Joyce pointed out that the average human has their sharpest brain around age 26 and the brain starts to decline around age 40. With the advancement of medicines and monitored exercise and healthy diets, our bodies are now outliving our brain.

Healthy living involves: Aerobic exercise, Healthy meals, A Sense of purpose, Mental workouts, Healthy life style with reduced stress. A good circle of friends, Strength training and Critical thinking.

Belmont Village runs their program 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. They include their residents in the healthy living items mentioned above and form excellent circles of friends so that the residents feel comfortable and loved.

For more information you can contact Joyce at

November 15, 2016

Wheaton Lion Tony Payne introduced Wheaton College President Dr. Phillip Graham Ryken who then introduced our speaker Margaret Diddems, Ph.D. who Dr. Ryken recently appointed as Provost and Professor of Psychology for Wheaton College. He explained many of the duties she has as Provost and in essence she is in charge of the Faculty, School Programs, the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism, Global and Experiential Learning , the Library and is also on the faculty as Professor of Psychology.

Dr. Diddams is a graduate of Wheaton College ’83 as is her husband. They have 4 adult children and prior to taking this job she was Assistant Provost at Seattle Pacific University. She also worked for Microsoft Corp. and founded DuPlissis & Diadems Associates, a consulting practice specializing in survey research, organizational development and executive coaching.

She mentioned how important Wheaton College has been to her and how excited she is to be back in Wheaton working at the college. Wheaton College has 400 faculty members and 2,400 Undergraduate students and 450 Graduate students. She discussed the new Conservatory of Music building which will offer more room and opportunities for the large music major population to practice their skills as well as other improvements the school is working on building.

She also talked about the addition of White Walls in the classrooms. These are walls that the faculty and student can write on and they can be erased.

She mentioned how proud she is of the school’s ROTC program and also the importance of having the students believe that “How can my education help me to improve the world?” is very important.

To learn more about the college link on to

November 29, 2016

From the left - Michael Walsh, Dan Novak, Kristina Nemetz, Ryan Miller and Nicole Kapala.

Julie Wilson, Community Relations, Belmont Village kindly hosted our luncheon at the center. We had a lovely luncheon and again we thank her and Belmont Village.

The theme of today’s meeting was a final update on our upcoming 2016 Reindeer Run which is this Sat., Dec. 3rd. Lion Reindeer Run Director RC Crompton started by introducing the key people from the Wheaton Park District who help us make this event a winner.

Dan Novak-Superintendent Special Facilities went over the 30 years that the park dept. has been involved in local races the oldest being the Cosley Zoo run. He mentioned that about 300 people are involved in the various things that make up a race including printing of signs, setting up street closings, arranging for 2 ambulances and EMT’s, getting the history museum ready to accept runners before the race, etc., having rest stops, security, etc. He stressed that the costs for a race and the profits from sponsorship & race costs are split between the Park Dept. and the Wheaton Lions.

He then introduced Kristina Nemetz, Superintendent of Marketing and Special Events. Kristina covered the wide range of publicity including in-house printing of banners and posters that they do, the huge email list they have of runners whom they contact, publicity articles to a number of papers and magazines and other important things.

Nicole Kapala, Marketing & Events Coordinator supervises sponsorship material, drinking water for the race, post race snacks, drinks, race shirts, reindeer helmets, bibs and managing the event staff.

Ryan Miller, Parks Plus Fitness Control Manager & Reindeer Run Director said that as of today there are 995 registered runners. He said that several hundred more will sign up on race day.

... and student Michael Walsh.

Wheaton Lions Charlie McKenna went over the sponsors we have received. They total 50 and the dollars come to $35,000. Dr. Terri Lightbody is in charge of volunteers and she has many who will be at the intersections and in the park and the museum.

Lion Ron Diener has worked with Kristina on publicity and Lion President Rick Erickson has helped everybody and worked hard on getting sponsors, places for us to have our meeting while the Masonic Hall is being repaired and keeping the Lions enthused about the event.

Thanks to everyone involved in this very important fund raiser.

From the left - Ron Diener, Dr.Terri Lightbody, RC Crompton, Rick Erickson and Charlie McKena.


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