Guest Luncheon Speakers

May 7, 2019

Wheaton Lion John Monino introduced our speaker DuPage County Sheriff James Mendrick who was elected to the position this last November. Prior to that he served in the Sheriff’s department for 23 years.

Sheriff Mendrick spoke to us about the various goals the department has. They include lowering drug use including Opiods and Heroin, helping people who cause trouble due to mental illness, using new materials to measure the amount of drug use a person has who was pulled over while driving, preventing illegal use of guns and in general keeping a lid on crime in our county. Sheriff James pointed out that roughly 60% of people in jail have mental health problems.

He said that the department recently picked up 430 lbs. of used syringes collected in the county which they had destroyed. They are also teaching some of the sheriff deputies how to collect guns from people that shouldn’t have them.

For more information; log onto His phone number is 630-407-2000. His office is at 501 N. County Farm Road, Wheaton, IL. 60187. His email is

May 14, 2019

Our speakers for May 14 were Sue Waters (left) and Jennifer Williams (right). Sue is the Director of Secondary Special Services for Wheaton School District 200
Jennifer teaches at Wheaton North Hight School and is the Vocational Coordinator and Special Services Teacher. They gave us a wonderful overview of the work they do for students with special
needs and how they help these students right on up to they reach age 22. There are about 150 students in the vocational program of various ages and 30-40 students in hight schools this year

They work on helping students develop special products and learn how to sell them. They have a class that helps students design and finish plaques, tee shirts, some jewelry and other items which they
then try and sell.

They help children learn how to apply for and get a job, (one of their students recently went through the program and now is working at Marianos supermarket.

They have a room and time to help students work on projects for various companies while they are at school.

They have helped students get jobs in about 30 different local companies. Their email addresses are and

May 21, 2019

Wheaton Lion Dan Milinko introduced our speaker Dr. Tracy Williams, O.D.,F.A.A.O. the Executive Director of Spectrios Institute for Low Vision which is located on Cole Ave. in Wheaton. Dr. Williams who is also a Wheaton Lion is an Executive Director Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology, Loyola University. He also works with other hospitals and medical units. Dr. Tracy is the Eye Doctor for the Chicago White Sox.

He spoke about the White Sox and how spring training went. He said they have a lot of good young players and they are working hard to get the teams to be in the top rankings. He also discussed the importance of knowing each players eyesight and working on fixing any problems that can be corrected such as dry eye or eye injuries and some low vision problems. They do not do any eye surgery on the players unless a serious injury happened. He said that some problems that are more frequent now include more pitchers being hit with baseballs during a game and very hard hit balls hurting fielders.

Dr. Williams also showed us some new eyeglasses that have special additions to them which help people with severe eye loss. These are helping people who can’t read now begin to read and others with problems that won’t allow them to drive a car now be able to see well enough to drive. They are currently working with about 400 school kids with severe eye problems.

For years, the Wheaton Lions and the Lions Illinois Foundation have contributed to Spectrios.

For more information about Spectrios, log onto

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