Guest Luncheon Speakers

June 5, 2018

Lion Steve Maney introduced our speaker Jenifer Fabian who is the Executive Director of the Peoples Resource Center. PRC started in 1975. The center has its main location in Wheaton and another building they had built 5 years ago in Westmont, IL. Jenifer mentioned that it’s been a joy to have worked for PRC. She celebrates her first year anniversary in 2 weeks and looks forward to seeing the company prosper and continue to be a big help to people in need. Jenifer is also a recent member of the Wheaton Lions Club.

PRC services 27,166 DuPage neighbors every year. 66% are unemployed, 21% are employed full time and 13% are employed part time. PRC has 40 paid employees and over 2,500 volunteer workers. They offer workshops for job seekers, computer training (and when a student passes the class they are given a laptop}. They have English as a 2nd language classes, art classes for adults and children and educational programs for children (held in schools & churches). Currently 400 children are enrolled in classes.

The center has a large food pantry which services people 5 days a week. The customers are given a full size shopping cart and go through the pantry picking out items they need for their family. All is free. Included are Produce, Meat & Fish, various Frozen Foods donated from restaurants, Cereals, Beverages, Bread, Rolls and Pastries, Canned goods, Instant Meals, Various meal items such as pasta, rice, flour etc. They also give out some medical items, diapers etc.

For more information go to  

June 12, 2018

Wheaton Lion Jim Borsch introduced our speaker Dr. Paul Mantsch, Scientist Emeritus of Fermilab.

Fermilab is America’s Particle Physics and Accelerator Laboratory. It was started in 1967 by Bob Wilson and they recently celebrated their 50th anniversary. The lab is located in Batavia, IL on 6,800 acres and has 1,750 employees. In addition to the lab, they have a large open field with a Bison Herd. It’s fun to see them and now is a time when they have recently had baby Bisons.

The lab has a very large tunnel which is open to the public along with explanations of what goes on in the lab and tunnel. Their mission is to solve the mysteries of matter, energy, space and time. They study quantum atoms and use colliding beams.

For more information including visitor information, visit their website at

June 26, 2018

Wheaton Lion and District 200 Superintendent of Schools Jeff Schuler introduced our speaker Elise Schram, MPH, CHES. She is the Project Director of the Wheaton/Warrenville Early Childhood Collaborative which is part of Metropolitan Family Services DuPage. This is a group of community agencies working together to improve kindergarten/school readiness for children in Community Unit School District 200 focusing on increasing access to services for those in under-resourced areas of our community. They accept children starting at age 3.

Elise pointed out that there are 67 different languages spoken in District 200 families and 28% of the District 200 families are low income people.

The Early Childhood Collaborative was started in 2015 with a large donation from the DuPage Community Foundation. Most of the work is done at Jefferson Early Childhood Center in Wheaton. About 2/3 of Jefferson students have some type of a special need or disability and 1/3 of students are typically developing students who pay tuition to attend the school. Classes include special education, speech lessons and getting them ready to fit into kindergarten classes well. They also work with service providers so they can understand the public school system readiness goals for children and they work with parents to help them understand school needs for their children.

For more information including contact Elise at or phone 630-784-4860.

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