Guest Luncheon Speakers

June 6, 2017

Wheaton Lion Steve Maney introduced our speaker Dr. Gregg Pusateri who is also a Wheaton Lion. Gregg is an O.D. sight doctor and the Director of Access Technology for the Spectrios Institute for Low Vision in Wheaton.

Gregg explained that there are many new hi-tech pieces of equipment that are available to people with severe sight problems. These include Tablets, I-Phones, Watches that can be read by people with severe loss of sight, etc.

He told a story of a patient who came into Spectrios and was quite upset that he was about to lose his job because he couldn’t drive anymore. Gregg asked him a series of “loaded” questions such as “do you drive a truck on your job?”, “do you drive equipment in the factory where you work?”, etc. This led the doctor to calm him down and give him eye tests. It turned out that with some special glasses he can drive and keep his job which had nothing to do with “driving”. Gregg told us that “Everything we do in life is a chore and that we have to make a decision as to which way we chose to proceed.” Gregg said that Spectrios encourages patients to bring someone who is close to them to Spectrios so they will know what is expected of them and so they can listen to the doctors as they describe the sight problems the patient have. This one patient’s parents were with him and were delighted in what Dr. Pusateri accomplished and what a great job he did in bringing their son back to a full life.

Gregg said that he is now also a “tester” for Apple Computer and is working with them on various software and equipment. He said that Apple leads the way in this type of equipment.

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June 13, 2017

Wheaton Lion John Sheahin introduced our speakers Kerry O’Brien and Paula Barrington. Kerry is the Executive Director of the Wheaton Chamber of Commerce and Paula is the Executive Director of the Downtown Wheaton Association. Both are located at 108 East Wesley St. in Wheaton.
Our Lions Club is a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

20% of the Wheaton Chamber of Commerce members have headquarters outside of Wheaton. The Downtown Wh eaton Assn. only allows companies headquartered in Wheaton to be members of their association.

Kerry mentioned what a big success the Taste of Wheaton was this year. About 40,000 people came over 4 days and enjoyed music, all sorts of rides, food, drinks (90 kegs of beer) and information from various companies who exhibited.

Friday Night in Wheaton is running now and features old cars, food and other family oriented things.

Paula pointed out that Wheaton is on the “short list” for small businesses looking to open a store. Many of our closed stores have been rented or purchased and companies are starting to get them ready to open.

The Front Street road/sidewalk work will start in October and stop for Christmas events. It will continue next spring.

For more information on these two associations, link onto and

June 20, 2017

Wheaton Lion John Stock introduced our speaker Kurt A. Carlson, Attorney at law for Stock, Carlson, Oldfield & McGrath, LLC, Wheaton, IL.

Kurt, who is a Civil War enthusiast, spoke to us about the history of the Confederate State Flags and the current mission down south to take down statues of various Confederate Soldiers who fought in the war.

Kurt had paper models of the various Confederate Flags. The first, designed in 1861, was too similar to the United States flag and caused some trouble for the troops figuring out whether it was a Confederate or USA flag when the battle was going and the air was filled with smoke and dust. Another flag was developed that had stars & stripes on the left 1/3 and the rest of the flag was white (showing the importance of whiteness). The wind often blew the white area over the stars and it looked like the group was surrendering. Finally a St. Andrews Square flag was approved and used.

In the 1890’s into the 1920’s, statues went up. Most were of Robert E. Lee. Each courthouse down south had a statue of a Confederate soldier in front of it.

Confederate flags flew throughout Confederate States until 2015. They were then forbidden. Now statues are coming down.

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