Guest Luncheon Speakers

July 9, 2019

Wheaton Lion Dan Milinko introduced our speaker Julie Kocher-Zinkus.
Julie is the owner of Flexible Fitness Tower Garden and Senior Sales Coordinator for Juice Plus. She has a BS in Exercise Science and a BS in Psychology.  She was formerly the Director of Fitness at Wheaton Sport.

She works with a wide range of people who have medical problems, weight problems and many other issues.  She pointed out that 75% of all chronic diseases are preventible.  She said that approximately 25% of children now take prescription medicine. Her mission is to have clients have “Healthy Living”.

One of the things she showed us was a 5 foot tall Tower Garden.  It’s self watering, soil-free, aeroponic and grows 20-52 plants with no weeds.

Her Juice Plus products are special concentrated fruit & vegetable drinks which reduce abdominal fat mass and improves insulin.

For more information log onto Julie’s phone is 630-248-5100.

July 16, 2019

Lion John Monino introduced our Luncheon Speakers from JUST of DuPage. JUST is a nonprofit organization working to meet the needs of inmates in the DuPage County Jail and their families. Their mission is to share God's love and provide a range of programs to incarcerated men and women in order to empower them to make positive changes in their lives. JUST empowers inmates to pursue rehabilitation and make positive life changes by offering a broad range of services, including addiction recovery, education, spiritual enrichment and social services.

Mike Beary, Executive Director of JUST of DuPage, presented to the group on the challenges faced by inmates, the various programs available to help them, and stressed the importance of partnering with public and private partners to strengthen their efforts. Mike was joined by Michelle Monino, JUST Board Member, Katerina Giese, Operations Manager, Lisa DeLaura, Addiction Program Manager, and Elise Crowell, Office Manager.


July 23, 2019

Wheaton Lion Program Director Dan Milinko introduced our speaker Robert M. Speri, CPRP, MPA the director of Parks and Planning for the Wheaton Park District.

Robert Discussed the upcoming Memorial Park Renovations.  A large number of changes will be made to the park including a bigger Bsnf Shell with a larger roof to give more attendees relief from bad weather.  It will be about 3 times larger than the existing shell.  There will also be a new food area, new bathrooms, a clothes changing area for the band and a new large terrace which our Lions Club is helping to fund. Pieces of existing bench seats from the band listening are being sold for $5.00 each which will help fund the new work.  There will be 14 trees removed and 34 new trees added to the park.  The work should be done in time for the opening concerts of 2020.

For more information you can see the construction prints on  Robert’s phone number is 630-510-4970.

July 30, 2019

Wheaton Lion Allan Mossman introduced our speaker Ewa K. Bacon, Ph.D.  She was a Professor of History at Lewis University for 25 years. A Wheaton resident she is now retired and spoke about the information in a book that she wrote and had published.  The book is Saving Lives in Auschwitz .

Professor Bacon went over the growth of Germany leading into World War II and what went on during the war.  Nazi’s started extermination camps in Poland in 1942 as they occupied the country.

Nazi killing started in 1933 before the war and ended in 1945. They opened hundreds of labor camps.  Auschwitz, located in Poland had a large number of camps.  Some had the prisoners working a variety of jobs including sewing Nazi uniforms,  mining etc. 400,000 men were registered in Auschwitz camps.  The breakdowns were: 200,000 men were Jewish, 140,000 were Polish, 20,000 were gypsies, 10,000 were Soviet POWS 10,000 were other nationalities.  Of the 400,000 prisoners, 200,000 survived. Approximately 150 workers died daily from various illnesses, being overworked and other things.

One Million Jews were NOT registered and were immediately consigned to death. The book is available in libraries.



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