Guest Luncheon Speakers

January 9, 2018

Lion Michael Gresk introduced our speaker Jill Hanley. Jill is a nurse at Clare Woods Academy. Lion Michael is the Director of Development for the Academy.

Jill is married with 2 children and works with 92 students, all of whom have various challenges. Jill explained that the students’ challenges include; Financial, Diabetes, Sight, Hearing, lack of clothes and shoes, Emotional challenges, Physical needs, Academic needs and about 60% of the students also have Autistic issues.

The Bartlett Center is the headquarters and it was founded in 1968. It is sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis. The non-public Clare Woods Academy which moved to Wheaton in 2013 has children from 6 counties. The academy accepts children from ages 5 to 21. They have a staff of 120 people. Their mission is to tudor the children into a more “normal” life style and get them to the point where they will be able to get jobs and lead a good style of life. The school recently opened the Cardinal Shop at 117 N. Main Street in Wheaton which sells items hand made by the students. The shop is run by the students and is open to the public.

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January 16, 2018

Lion Betsy Adamowski introduced our speaker Michael G. Dzugan, Wheaton’s City Manager.

Michael went over the various projects that the City will be working on in 2018. These include finishing a major overhaul to Front St. which started in 2017. This work will include new sidewalks & curbs. They will take down existing trees, benches, lights and other things. The street will be repaved. They will do one side of the street from beginning to end and then the other side. This will help the merchants do business and give people parking space.

The town will do work on Wesley & Kale St. and also do road work on the south side of the tracks. The town just finished updating their web site so people can get information much faster than before.

Wheaton will be using cameras to photograph parked cars in time zone areas. Then the cars can be checked on a regular basis electronically to see if anyone is parking beyond the limit.

Mike said that the police department has agreed to change their work schedule to 12 hour shifts. They will still work a 40 hour week but their preference was to go to 12 hour shifts.

Wheaton will be changing its year from one that starts in May to a January start date.

Mike said that one area of concern is meeting pension costs for the policemen and firemen.

For more information log onto The city office is located at 303 West Wesley St., 630-260-2011

January 23, 2018

Wheaton Lion Ray Poquette introduced our speaker Rebecca Teel Daou, Executive Administrator for the Lions Club International Foundation. The Foundation is located at 300 W. 22nd. St., Oak Brook, IL.

Rebecca who has lived in Wheaton of 13 years served in the Peace Corps. for a number of years before joining the Lions International Foundation. She went over the many things the Foundation does for: people, areas which have been devastated by storms and suppliers of special services which help people with sight, hearing and Diabetes problems. They also help thousands of children around the world with education.

The International Foundation supports Lions Clubs around the world and when they make a money donation to a cause it’s done in the name of the local Lions Club for that area. Things that their donations have done include 9.1million Cataract Surgeries world wide, 16 million children have been served by Lions Quest. 1 Billion U.S. Dollars have been donated worldwide.

The funds include aid to disaster sites such as $1 million to Texas after their huge flood, to date $100,000 to Puerto Rico and to service companies - $210,000 to Spectrios Institute. Rebecca pointed out that clubs who donate $5,000 of more in a year are eligible to receive a grant from the Foundation the following year.

Our Lions Illinois District 1-J is one of the largest clubs to donate to the Foundation. $34,549 in 2016-17 and $37,942 so far in 2017-18.

For more information log onto Rebecca’s phone is (630) 468-6916. Her email is

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