Guest Luncheon Speakers

January 10, 2017

Wheaton Lion Betsy Adamowski introduced our speaker Michael G. Dzugan who is the City Manager for the city of Wheaton. This is a critical job and all of the city departments report to him.

Mike is the 6th City Manager that Wheaton has had since the position was started many years ago. Mike has been married for 30 years and they have 3 grown kids. They have lived in Wheaton for 25 years. He has a Masters Degree in Public Administration.

He started his career in Crystal Lake and joined the Wheaton City administration in 1991. He took over the City Manager job when Don Rose retired last April after 35 years on the job.

Michael told us that the next big project in Wheaton will start later on this year and take about 3 years to complete. The city will re-do Front Street starting at West Street. They will put in all new side walks and curbs, rest areas, new lighting and other things to make the area look fresh and appealing and prevent accidents due to broken stone walks, etc.

Michael also mentioned the proposed new housing area that will be built on property next to the Loretta Convent off of Brighton Road. There will be approximately 45 new 2 bedroom homes which will be in the 2,000 + sq. ft. range and appeal to older residents who want single story, spacious homes.

To learn more about Wheaton and the various things that are happening, link on to Michael works at 303 West Wesley St. The phone is 630-260-2011.

January 17, 2017

Our speaker, after the framed painting presentation to Pauline Salcedo, was fellow Lion Brad Huiner. Brad has been the Manager at Stone’s Jewelry for several years and will be a future owner of the store.

Stone’s opened for business on Front Street in 1911 and is the oldest continuously operated store in Wheaton. The original owner was Charles Stone who owned the store for 50 years. In 1961 he sold the store to his son-in-law Emil Shebik who was known for his great work with customers and employees.

In 1974 Jason Johnson who owned a jewelry store in Madison, Wi. came down to Wheaton and bought Stone’s. He owned the store for 13 years.

On the day he took ownership of the store, a serious fire forced the closing of the store. A fellow retailer located in the old train station on Front St. offered him some space which he took. Emil Sheik brought him a bag of money which he had earned repairing jewelry at Stones. Jason got back into the store shortly after the fire thanks to a lot of Wheaton folks helping to repair it. He sold the store in 1985 to his son-in-law Dave Petti who had worked at the store for 4 years.

In 2011 Stone’s hosted a 100 year anniversary in the store and on Front St. It was a big hit and included One Cent Hot Dogs.

Brad was introduced to Jason Johnson’s granddaughter Lea and they dated and got married. Brad has worked at Stone’s for 3 years and had the title of Manager. He will eventually own the store. Dave Petti is staying on as a part time consultant.

For more information link on to

January 24, 2017

Wheaton Lion Bruno Tabis introduced our speaker Ron Muhitch, head football coach (and offensive coordinator at Wheaton Warrenville South High School. Ron was a graduate of Wheaton College and was a high school teacher for many years. He retired from teaching but remained as a head football coach. Ron is married and has also been a certified realtor for 30 years.

He pointed out how it seems that in today’s world almost everyone is a Monday Morning Quarterback. He works with students to have them concentrate on their school work and to look ahead to their future years with or without football. Most of the high school player won’t be on a college team or be a pro player. Ron had a Wheaton-Warrenville South Graduate speak to his players after the season was finished in 2016. He is Danny Vitale who is a first year Fullback for the Cleveland Browns. The students good certainly relate to him and he let them know how important academics are and how not to totally focus on sports and how important it is to concentrate on school even more after the football season is over.

Ron did say that although the 2016 Red Grange Tigers year doesn’t look good on paper that they did have some outstanding players and came very close to winning some of the game they lost. He expects that 2017 will be a better year as many of the defensive players will be in their second year as starters and will know what is needed to win games.

January 31, 2017

Wheaton Lions Steve Maney introduced our speaker Tinamarie Hernandez, the Executive Director of Dive Heart. Dive Heart was started in 2001 by Jim Elliot, a graduate of College of DuPage and is based in Downers Grove, IL. They are a not-for-profit group that teaches and assists people with disabilities how to scuba dive. She showed us a nice video of several clients being eased into the water and then swimming.

Clients include children, adults and veterans of all abilities who would like to improve their life. Tina said that almost all of them have improved and really felt that the diving has been a positive change for them. Disabilities include PTSD, Autism, Multiple sclerosis, Downs Syndrome and other physical disabilities.

Dive Heart now has other locations in Atlanta, GA., So. California, So. Florida and in several places in Illinois.

Photos are taken of the clients with their gear on when they are under water. They love to show these photos to their friends. After training on how the equipment works and how to fix problems while diving, they are put into the water along with 2 Dive Heart volunteers. As they get used to the diving some go from swimming pools to lakes and oceans. The program is donor sponsored and clients are not charged.

For more information link on to Tinamarie can be reached at 630-991-0127. They are always looking for volunteers to help and donations to fund the group.

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