Guest Luncheon Speakers

February 6, 2018

Wheaton Lion Allen Mossman introduced our speaker Elise Manzi, MLD. She is the Assistant Director of Development for the HESED HOUSE. This house is a Comprehensive Homeless Resource Center. Located in Aurora, IL at 659 South River Street it is the second largest homeless shelter in Illinois and serves the Fox Valley area. They have a PADS Emergency Shelter which served 876 people at night as well as a Main Shelter and various rented facilities.

They take in 175 men and women per night and serve 3 meals per day, offer showers and clothes cleaning. Another aspect of the Hesed House are the Transitional Shelters. Clients must apply to stay in one of these facilities which are rented by Hesed house and if they are accepted they can stay in one for 18 - 24 months. A total of 52 families are housed by Hesed House in rented facilities.

A stay includes Job Training, Parental training, help to overcome substance abuse. help with medical and other skills to help them restore themselves to “normal living”

Heed House’s goal is to end homelessness. To help support this organization link onto Elise’s cell phone number is 630-995-5720 and her office phone is 630-897-2156 ext.535.

February 13, 2018

Wheaton Lion Barry Cobb introduced our speaker Ben Pohl. His topic was “Speaking Against Distracted Driving” Ben, who lives in Carol Stream, gave us some background concerning his high school years. In 1997 at age 17 he was driving his car, a VW Beetle, with 4 of his school friends and was distracted due to all of the talking, laughing, etc. He missed seeing a turn and had a horrible crash. The 4 friends were able to walk away but Ben went to the ER and the doctors didn’t think he would make it through the night.

He was in the hospital for over a month and spent the next several months in patient rehab learning how to walk, talk and do basic tasks. Ben said the reason for the crash was that he was distracted. This became an important thing for him to work on with people. He said that AAA says that 97% of all car crashes are due to human error. Cell phones, computers, people talking and doing little tasks which require your eyesight to go away from driving are all responsible.

Ben continued his schooling and did get a Masters Degree in Public Administration. He volunteered in the Peace Corps and spent time in Iraq helping people.

Ben said that the fines for using your phone while driving are generally small around $100.00 and police can’t get to involved in looking for people doing that. He suggested that if our kids are in a car on the phone we suggest that they don’t do that. He said that we all need to work on staying concentrated while driving. Can you believe that each day in the United States, over 11 people are killed and 1,161 are injured in car crashes that involve a distracted driver?

To see a moving video on his website go to
His phone is 630-930-7298. He has spoken to many groups and is anxious to continue getting the word out on Distracted Driving to students and adults.


February 20, 2018

Wheaton Lion Marty Keller introduced our speaker Burton D. Minor. Burt, a retired Lt. Colonel USAF is the President of the Winfield Township Republican Party and is the Republican candidate to fill the District 42 Seat in Illinois. This seat occupied by Jeanne Ives will be vacant due to her running for Illinois Governor in the upcoming election.

Burt spent 23 years in the U.S.Air Force and has been married for 36 years. They have 3 grown children who are all Air Force veterans. He and his wife live in Warrenville.

He and Marty met with many people to see if they could come up with a candidate for Jeanne’s house seat. The couldn’t and Burt decided that he would run. He said that the salary is $67,000 and he’s already spent around $100,000 of his money running for the office. He said that each mailing costs $15,000. So he’s not in it for the money but rather to work to help Illinois land more jobs, bring in more companies, reduce state debt, work on Pension Reform and slow down the number of people leaving Illinois.

He said that he feels that the job should be 2 - 3 terms and no longer. He plans to work with the entire General Assembly and try and get people to unite on improving the state.

Email Burt at or call him at 630-674-9096.

February 27, 2018

Wheaton Lion John Monino introduced our speakers Lenita M. AuBuchon and Mary Kay Furiasse. Both are lawyers and Mary Kay is also a registered nurse with a Masters Degree in Health Law. Their firm, A/Z Health Trust & Elder Law LLC works with people who need legal help with Trusts, Wills and Advanced Directives. They concentrate on people over 60 years of age and help them and their families have peace of mind when it comes to estate planning and many of the issues that come up as people age.

They try and get to know everyone in the family and protect them from scams, impoverishment, property and health care and help them create living wills, powers of attorney, trust fund administration, probate proceedings and help with home sales and movement in to senior care facilities.

They work hard to help a family develop solid care plans before a crisis occurs. Their office is located at 1755 S. Naperville Road, Suite 100, in Wheaton, IL. Their phone is 630-510-3213 and their website is

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