Guest Luncheon Speakers

August 7, 2018

Wheaton Lion John Stock introduced our speaker Kurt A. Carlson, Attorney at Law and a Civil War historian.

Kurt spoke to us about the Civil War Medicine growth. When the war broke out very little was known about medicine. Some care givers felt that diseases, and illness were caused by “ill humor” inside the body. Surgeons wore a vest when they operated. After working on a patient, they wiped their knives clean on their vest and then started cutting the next patient.

Medical education was a 2 year course and was primarily lectures which the students listened to. After 2 years they received their doctors degree.

As the war progressed, more wounded soldiers died from germs than from bullets. The germ vs. bullet ratio ranged from 3 to 1 up to 7 to 1. As the doctors started to realize that they started to clean up their areas, and try and avoid germ damage.

Another problem the wounded faced was that hospitals at that time were typically a place where dying people that didn’t have family went to die. People with families dyed at home with family caring for them. A great deal of changes had to be made.

A wealthy, caring woman, Clara Barton who later founded the Red Cross, knew some of the wounded soldiers and helped treat them in a large unfinished capitol building in Washington D.C. She did a great job in getting people to donate medical equipment, food, clothing, etc. and her “hospital” had a lower fatality rate than any other hospitals. She helped by having them grow their own vegetables, brewing beer and greatly lowering the amount of germs. General Benjamin Butler appointed her as ”Lady in charge” of the front line hospitals.

For more information, you can reach Kurt at 630-665-2500 or email him at

August 21, 2018

Wheaton Lion John Vires introduced our speaker Tami Remejko. Tami is the director of Education & Guest Experiences at Cosley Zoo. She has been with Cosley Zoo for 15 years. The zoo is a division of the Wheaton Park District. It is situated on 5 acres at 1356 Gary Avenue in Wheaton. The original property was donated to the Wheaton Park District by a relative of Mr. Cosley who originally one the property. The zoo features Illinois Wildlife and farm animals The zoo is accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association and is licensed by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. ( one of only 10% of exhibited animal locations so accredited).

Tami cited the zoo’s Conservation Program and particularly the Blanding’s Turtles rescue program. They have taken care of baby Blanding's Turtles and after 2 years of care they release them. They have released 2,100 of them since 1996.

The zoo spends a lot of time working with school children. They've reached 94,115 participating kids.

Animal welfare is of key importance. The see to the needs of 56 different species and their work includes animal exams, training and enrichment.

The zoo has had 164,666 visitors since it opened.

For more information you can email Tami at Their web site is

August 28, 2018

Wheaton Lion Joe Eriser introduced our speakers Fred Steinbeck and Patt Schiewitz of the World Gospel Outreach.Fred is the Director of Donor Relations and Patt is a member of the Board of Directors.

World Gospel Outreach was started in 1984 by G. Allen Danforth. His wife Dona was also very involved with their mission. After a trip down to Honduras Allen saw that there was intense poverty and a tremendous amount of needs such as food, education, medical attention etc. 40-60% of the population is unemployed. He found out that the largest and really only export from Honduras was shipments of bananas to the USA. The ship that shipped the bananas to us returned empty to Honduras. Allen worked out a deal where the ship was loaded with American rice at no cost and shipped to Honduras. This started the WGO work. A big part of Allen’s mission was to make sure that Jesus Christ’s religious mission was included in the various things that WGO brought to these people.

As the mission got larger a number of things were included such as around the clock children care, Food for thousands of people, Dental Checkups and tooth repair, Sight Checks and eye glasses, adding concrete floors to the homes of people. Dirt floors are a great cause of Lice and this helped children who played on their floors. The WGO also helps with camps for children and job search.

WGO has a series of teams from various churches helping down there and in Belize. Each team feeds about 1,500 kids a week and the average team serves about 2,000 people in a 4 day work week. Helping the volunteers are 100 doctors, many nurses and 300 dentists, Everything is paid for by donations.

For more information, you can reach Fred at 630-359-5175. You can learn more about WGO at their web site

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