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Guest Luncheon Speakers

August 6, 2013

Wheaton Lions Jim Steere introduced our speakers Holly A. Kulikowski, Director of Affiliates and Special Events for Cadence Health Foundation and Chuck De Mars, President of the Cadence Auxiliary.

The theme of Holly’s presentation was Planting Seeds of Hope and Love.  She spoke about the history of Cadence, its affiliation with Lurie Children’s Hospital (formerly Children’s Hospital) and the drive to raise money to build a Ronald McDonald House across the street from Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield.  It will be one of 5 in the greater Chicago area. CDH now has the largest pediatric program in the western suburbs and has access to 95 Pediatric Specialists.

The foundation needs to raise $6 million over the next two years to make the home possible. It will have 12 private rooms with private baths so that the whole family can spend time with the patient as the treatment is given  This will reduce costs to families who now have to pay for motel or other lodging while their child is in treatment.  McDonald House suggests a donation of $10.00 per night from the family.  To stay in the house, the family must have their primary housing at least 10 miles away from CDH. They anticipate housing about 4,300 people per year. Groundbreaking will start in 2014.

Chuck De Mars talked about ways we can help the McDonald House to be built. We can:

Volunteer to serve on fundraising efforts – Arrange a speaking opportunity for the Foundation – Organize a fundraising event – Ask employer about matching gifts – Introduce a friend to the project – Attend upcoming events – Schedule a personal meeting – Make a Donation.

For more information visit www.cadencehealth.org/foundation. Holly can be reached at 630-933-6986 or email her at Holly.Kulikowski@CadenceHealth.org.

August 20, 2013

Wheaton Lion Dr. Conrad Stoll introduced our speaker Paul Redman, Director of  Engineering for the City of Wheaton.

Paul spoke about the work being done on North Main Street to repair the culverts running under Main Street.  This project was first talked about in 1990 and finally was approved and is under way.  Winfield Creek crosses under Main Street and the street often floods during heavy rains.  New 60” and 72” culverts are being installed under the street and the area past the culverts will be widened to better help the drainage. The run-off will go into the ponds at Northside Park which was worked on last year so that it could accept more water. Some of the run off will also go into the Lincoln Marsh.  The work should be completed in October.

For more information visit www.wheaton.il.us/northmain.

August 27, 2013

Lion Rick Erickson introduced our speakers Elisabeth Sochacki and Pam Strand of Strand Fitness. This is a new personal training studio located at 124 North Main Street in Wheaton. 

Elisabeth introduced their business to us and went over the experience that their physical fitness experts have and the fact that the center caters to people typically over 40 years old. She said that their aim is to help people reach their fitness goals through dedicated personal training.

Pam Strand handed out a sheet with Seven Perspectives to Master and discussed the various Catabolic and Anabolic conditions that people have and how they can affect training and health.  Catabolic people are very heavy at winning or losing at all costs folks.  Anabolic clients don’t know the outcome of the training but are willing to try what is suggested by the trainers to make a successful transition to a healthy body. Eventually they will create a personal “zone” where absolute passion takes over and helps them succeed.

For more information visit www.strandfitnessllc.com or phone 630-653-8152.


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