Guest Luncheon Speakers

April 3, 2018

Wheaton Lion Don Fischer introduced our speaker Brook McDonald. Brook is the President/CEO of The Conservation Foundation. Located now in Naperville the Foundation is a not-for-profit land and watershed conservation group. They started in 1972 and Brook has been the President/CE0 since 1996.

The Foundation was started by Brooks McCormick and some of his friends and it now has 4,500 members. Their budget is $1,700,000 and they have 30 employees. They focus on DuPage, Kane, Kendall and Will Counties. In 2007 Brook was named as one of the top ten mot influential environmentalists in DuPage County by the Daily Herald.

They don’t like to own land but rather to work on preserving land, cleaning up rivers, promoting the use of Rain Barrels, Educate/advocate, have community partnership. They recently opened a “Native Garden Walk” in a new forest area. Brook said the Dupage River has been cleaned up a great deal and now has a wide variety of fish in it. A few years ago there were none. They are working on a number of rivers in our area.

He also spoke of the Nature Rx Program which promotes hiking, playing outside, etc. as a means to improve our health and he gave a little presentation concerning Monarch Butterflies. He described how they lay eggs on Milkweed. The eggs become ‘worms’ and then grow into butterflies. The Monarch’s have a poison in them that keeps animals, birds, and pests from attacking them. It takes 4 generations of Monarchs to make the trip from Canada through the USA to Mexico (not 1 generation). They are working on improving monarch habitats throughout the state.

For more information link onto or email Brooks at

May 17, 2018

Wheaton Lion Frank Steck introduced our speaker Kathleen Murphy, Director of Communications for The Illinois Opportunity Project.

Kathleen was asked by Jeanne Ives to sub for her as she is completely tied up in Springfield trying to get some legislature passed. Kathleen spoke about the years of corruption in Illinois and the various problems that the cities and towns have. Years of corruption have led to 401 municipal funds being on the edge of bankruptcy, Illinois spends 25% of its money on pensions including the many union pensions. To get the unions such as the large Teachers Union to accept 401K’S for their members will take a great deal of work by Republicans & Democrats and Kathleen said that it looks like it’s not about to happen soon.

Kathleen said that she doesn’t see the Liberal & Conservative members of the Republican Party getting together soon after the recent primary election battles.

When asked what Jeanne’s plan are when her job as State Representative ends, she thinks that she will continue to fight for conservative views and try and get more people involved in changing the state laws.

For more information go to Kathleen can be contacted at Her phone is 312-846-1001.

April 24, 2018

Wheaton Lion Georgianna Cobb introduced our speaker Mike Feltz. Mike is the Senior Manager of Fund Development for By The Hand Club for Kids in Chicago.

Mike has lived in Wheaton for 20 years and is a full time employee of this non-profit organization which helps children from Kindergarten age right through college.

The club has 5 locations in Chicago and directs its help to children in hi-risk communities. They serve the Mind, Body & Soul of kids. The Club started in 2001 in Cabrini Green. A second club was opened in Altgeld-Murray in 2005, one in Austin in 2007, in Englewood in 2008 and Moving Everest/Austin in 2015.

Their mission is to help kids learn to read, to interact with other students, learn academic skills, get to the level where they will be accepted by colleges and keep them safe and enjoying life.

83% of the families in the Club are below the poverty line. The club transports the kids to their clubs and homes in busses.

Last year the club arranged for 860 eye exams (1/2 of the kids needed glasses), 1,007 dental exams, 112 counseling sessions (for kids who needed special help) and 87,833 meals.

Academically 61% have A,B & C’s. Average GPA is 2.82. 46% make the honor roll in their schools, 85% passed ALL of their classe. 92% Graduated high school and 86% enrolled in colleges or tech schools.

They do need financial support to continue their good efforts.

For more information link onto

Mail to: By The Hand Club for Kids. P.O. Box 10043, Chicago, IL 60610.

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