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Eyeglass Deposit Box Locations

Wheaton area residents are encouraged to donate their used eyeglasses, sunglasses, hearing aides, cell phones and metal keys to the Wheaton Lions Club. Complete eyeglasses rather than just the lenses are needed. You can use these deposit boxes for all of the above.

Wheaton Park District
Mary Lubko Center in Memorial Park

Wheaton Park District Community Center
1777 S. Blanchard Rd., Wheaton

Wheaton Public Library
225 N. Cross St., Wheaton

Wheaton Chamber of Commerce
108 E. Wesley, Wheaton

Wheaton Bank & Trust
100 N. Wheaton Ave., Wheaton

Wheaton Bank & Trust
370 S. County Farm Rd., Wheaton

St. Mark Church
300 E. Cole, Wheaton

Gary Methodist Church
224 N. Main St., Wheaton

St. Paul Lutheran Church
515 S. Wheaton Ave., Wheaton

Haltgren Funeral Home
304 N. Main St., Wheaton

Williams-Kampp Funeral Home
430 E. Roosevelt Rd., Wheaton

Windsor Park Manor
124 Windsor Park Dr., Carol Stream

McBeth Dental Health
949 W. Liberty St, Wheaton

Advanced Eye Care
1325 N. Main St., Wheaton

Spectrios Institute
219 E. Cole, Wheaton

Clarendon Vision
760 Pasquinelli Dr., Suite 300, Westmont

Central DuPage Vision Center
27 W 185 Geneva Rd., Winfield

Eyes on Wheaton
127 W. Wesley St., Wheaton

Dr. Kim Lindermuth
45 S. Park Blvd. Suite 375, Glen Ellyn

Danada Vision Center
324 E. Roosevelt Rd., Wheaton

For over 80 Years, individual Lions clubs and districts in the U.S., Canada and several other developed countries have collected used, unwanted eyeglasses, sunglasses and hearing aids for re-distribution to the poor in developing nations. Patients search through the array of recycled eyeglasses and find the pair that best fits their eyesight correction requirements, much like those who buy "reading" glasses at the drug store.

When a notable amount of glasses and hearing aids are collected, Lion Rod Irey takes them to the Lions of Illinois Foundation in Sycamore, Illinois. They in turn send the eyeglasses to Lions International for shipment overseas to be given to needy families.

In FY 2019 Lion Rod Irey brought 2,000 pairs of eye glasses and several hearing aids down to the Illinois Lions headquarters. They will be examined by the Lions and then donated to people in need around the world.

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Wheaton Lions Club Events

September 19- October 3
Community Hunger
Food Drive

Wheaton Community

October 26, 2023
Centennial Celebration Dinner

Arrowhead Golf Club
Wheaton, IL

You Should Know

Wheaton Lions Club celebrates 100 years of service to the community